Director of Photography

Ólafur Jónsson is an Oslo based cinematographer. Graduated from Prague Film School in 2009 wth a speciality in cinematography and has since worked on numerous commercial and narrative projects. With a background as a 1st AC and camera operator, he has now moved on to shoot features and commercials as Director of Photography, the latest being Espen Larsson˙s zombie comedy "De Gjenvendte"(The Returned) and Alan Lucien Øyen˙s "The American Moth" starring legendary Liv Ullman.

In addition to his studies in Prague, Olafur has studied film and TV production in Mediatech in Viborg, Denmark and Multimediadesign in Copenhagen. He also worked at a leading rental house (Kamerarental) in Scandinavia as a technical director developing a unique knowhow about modern and classic film equipment.

Ólafur is originally from Iceland and fluent in Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian and English. His genuine interest in photography started in his early 20´s and sent him on his path to become a cinematographer.